Bicycle Accidents

As more people seek an active and healthy lifestyle, many are taking to the streets on bicycles in order to burn some calories and also to reduce their carbon footprints by cycling to work. However, with more cyclists on the road there is sure to be an increase in bicycle accidents and bicycles don’t afford their riders with much protection against cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road. More laws have been passed to protect the rights of bicyclists, but they are still more likely to be involved in an accident with a vehicle than the driver of a car or truck is.

bicycle-accidents-ILBike Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

Many motorists involved in accidents with cyclists fail to pay attention to where they are on the road or don’t even look for them before opening a car door or entering an intersection. Motorists are determined to be at least partially liable in more than half of reported bicycle accidents in Chicago and the injured bicycle rider may sustain injuries that require surgery, physical therapy or long term care to recover from. Because it can be hard to argue fault in many bicycle accidents, it is important that the injured bicyclist gather as much data about the accident as possible and retain solid legal counsel.

Serious Injuries Sustained In Bicycle Collisions

Bicycle accidents carry the potential for serious injury and when a bicyclist is involved in a collision with a vehicle, he or she often suffers broken bones, injuries to the head or neck or severe lacerations. Some of these injuries can prove to be fatal, putting the driver of the other vehicle in a position to be sued for wrongful death. Many injured bicycle riders may be paralyzed or require long term rehabilitation in order to walk again. These injuries can be life changing and extremely painful, as well as requiring expensive long term treatment for a full recovery.

The Role of Auto Insurance In Bike Accidents

In the event of a hit and run bike accident or if the responsible party does not have insurance, it may be possible to file a claim against the victim’s automobile coverage in an action known as an uninsured motorist case (UM). It is important to have legal counsel when working with an insurance company, however, due to the fact that insurance companies will undoubtedly look out for their own interests first in a settlement. Our Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorneys can make sure that any settlement you accept is fair and covers the cost of your injuries both now and in the future.

Skilled Practitioners Maximizing the Damages for Injured Bike Riders

One of the most important aspects of your case is recovering the maximum damages to cover the cost of any medical care, time lost from work and pain and disability related to your bicycle accident. In most cases where a bicycle rider is injured by a vehicle, the recovery is long and difficult and it can be hard to estimate the financial cost of the injury.  Our bike crash attorneys work regularly work with on experts in the medical field in order to properly assess the extent of your injuries and determine the short and long-term impact that the accident will have on your finances. This allows us to argue your case more effectively in front of a jury and to recover more damages so that your medical expenses are covered for the long term.

Contact us today to learn more about the bicycle laws and your rights as an individual injured in a bicycle accident. Our consultations are free and we will never charge you for our services unless we collect damages on your behalf. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for accidents like yours.


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