Dog Bites

While dogs can make great companions and are often considered as members of the family, most people forget that they are animals capable of inflicting great harm on others if they feel threatened. Dogs often act on instinct and may attack even if an unsuspecting victim did nothing to provoke or invite the attack. The resulting dog bites may require expensive forms of treatment to recover from depending on the severity and location of the bite as well as whether the animal carried any form of disease.

vicious dog bitesAccountability of homeowners when their dogs cause harm to people

While laws often vary by location, homeowners are always responsible for any injury that results from improper supervision of their animals. If a dog leaves the homeowner’s premises and attacks someone, attacks any person who comes onto the property to perform a job or duty (postal workers, meter readers, etc.) or attacks another person without being provoked, then it is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for any medical costs associated with the attack as well as to pay damages for any pain and suffering as ruled by the court.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover dog attacks so that the homeowner is covered in the event that he or she is required to pay damages due to an incident involving his or her dog.

Working with Insurance Companies and the Court to Maximize the Value of Dog Bite Cases

Some insurance companies are able to resolve and settle dog bite cases fairly without the need to bring the case to court. In the case of a negligent pet owner or an uncooperative insurance company, Chicago Dog Bite Attorneys are equipped to handle your case in a manner that will maximize your recovery and hold the responsible party liable.

Our personal injury attorneys gather all of the evidence needed to support your case— including medical records, incident reports and photographs of the injuries and the scene of the attack. We also have access to experts in the medical field which include plastic surgeons so that we are able to accurately assess the severity of the damage (and permanency) and predict the future cost of recovery so that if you settle or win your case, you are awarded every penny that you need to pay for your medical care.

Pain, Suffering & Disfigurement for Victims of Dog Attacks in Chicago, IL

At Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys we understand that dog attacks leave more than physical scars and we are committed to holding negligent dog owners responsible for both the physical and emotional trauma that results from a dog attack. Especially in the case of children, we know that a dog bite can change a person’s life if it leaves scars and that children may suffer from psychological trauma after a dog attack. Adults can be left with similar emotional trauma from dog attacks as well, and we make it our mission to dissuade dog owners from negligence by holding them accountable if their dogs cause harm.

Our dog bite attorney treat these cases with the attention that they deserve. We are committed to doing everything possible to secure the most advantageous result for your case. We are fortunate to have represented hundreds of people in dog bite cases throughout Illinois.  Before you talk to an insurance carrier– talk with a law firm who has the experience to fully prosecute your case.

Contact us today to learn more about your rights and for a free consultation about your case if you or one of your family members has been the victim of a dog attack. We will be glad to review the details of your case with you and discuss your rights so that the dog owner’s insurance company isn’t able to take advantage of you.


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