Nursing Home Abuse

As millions of baby boomers continue to grow older, the population of elderly people under the care of nursing facilities will continue to grow at a near alarming rate. It is our responsibility to make sure that the increasing numbers of elderly people are being taken care of and the quality of care that many homes provide is simply not up to par.

As more people are admitted to nursing homes, there have been a surprising number of new cases of neglect and abuse throughout the country. Chicago Nursing Home Attorneys believe that our loved ones deserve better than this and are committed to holding any home that neglects or abuses its patients responsible so that its staff is not allowed to continue the pattern of abuse with other patients.

elder abuse chicagoNursing Home Neglect in Illinois

Many nursing homes have chosen to protect their bottom lines before the needs of their patients and as a result; they are understaffed and unable to provide adequate care. This results in patients:

  • Developing painful bed sores
  • Receiving the wrong medication
  • Becoming dehydrated or malnourished
  • Needing emergency care because one of these issues has been allowed to develop into a life threatening condition

In some cases, the nursing home may attempt to hide the issue rather than address it and patients have been known to die of infected bedsores or complications that have arisen due to poor nourishment and dehydration.

If your loved one is being neglected, chances are other elderly patients in the same home are receiving similar care. It is for this reason that you should hold a nursing home accountable for any mistreatment toward your own loved ones— to prevent future incidents. Look for the following symptoms of nursing home neglect and contact a nursing home attorney if you feel the nursing home caring for your loved ones is guilty of neglect.

  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Mysterious loss of appetite
  • Changes in behavior and withdrawal from family
  • Pressure sores

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers With Familiarity With Facilities

It is a sad reality that many elderly patients in nursing homes have been subjected to physical or sexual abuse and such heinous acts must be accounted for. Many times, these incidents are the result of poor hiring decisions or the lack of enough well trained staff members to notice that a patient is being abused by a fellow staff member, a visitor or another resident. If you notice mysterious bruises on your family member’s body— especially on the wrists or arms— it is possible he or she could have been restrained as part of an abusive act and you should start an investigation immediately.

Trusted Advocates in the Area of Nursing Home Litigation

Chicago Nursing Home Attorneys have access to a network of experts in the areas of medicine and nursing as well as lawyers who have extensive experience with nursing abuse lawsuits. If you feel that your loved one is the victim of neglect or abuse, it is important to act quickly so that he or she is not subject to future abuse and receives immediate care for his or her injuries. Call us today for a free consultation to learn more about your rights and how you can hold nursing homes accountable for negligent or abusive acts.

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