Premises Liability

Any person who owns property is responsible for keeping the property safe for those who are entitled to be on the property. While this applies to commercial and rental property, it can also apply to private property as well, if an invited guest is injured due to a form of negligence on behalf of the property owner. Chicago Premises Liability Attorneys is dedicated to representing those who are injured as a result of another person’s negligence and will work to recover damages on your behalf if you have been injured because of a property owner’s failure to provide safe conditions.

premises liabilityWho is Liable When a Person is Injured On Your Property?

The liability for any injuries that result on any property due to unsafe conditions may depend on who maintains that property and the actual or constructive notice they have of the defective condition. In case of commercial property, for example, the company that maintains a property may be held liable for an injury rather than the company that actually owns the building.

Injuries that occur on rental properties are the responsibility of the property owner if the accident occurred in an area outside of the tenant’s unit and the owner knew about the issue or failed to perform required upkeep. If any issue was never reported, the liability may shift to the tenant— in the case of the tenant’s guest being injured.

Types of Injuries Commonly Arising Out of Premises Liability Accidents

There are multiple injuries that could result from the negligence of a property owner or inadequate maintenance of the property. The most obvious is if the owner or maintenance company ignores a reported problem that results in someone’s injury. Other injuries may result from slips or falls that occur due to improperly cleaned hallways or walking areas, or falls down stairs that have structural problems or are not lighted properly. Lack of security or fire detection devices (smoke alarms) may also result in injuries for which the owner is liable as well.

Determining if the Property Owner is at Fault for an Accident

There is a fine line when considering who is at fault for an injury that occurs on another person’s property. If the injured person sustained the injuries as the result of his or her own act of negligence, he or she may be determined the liable party and have no right to compensation. The owner is only responsible if the injury occurred as a result to poorly maintained property or unsafe conditions that were caused by negligence. If you are unsure of who is liable for an accident, Chicago Premises Liability Lawyers will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

In the event that you have been injured due to a property owner’s negligence, we will fight on your behalf to recover damages in the amount of your medical bills, any time off of work that resulted from your injuries and pain and suffering, if applicable. Call us today to set up a risk free consultation to determine what your rights are and how we would proceed with your case. We will never ask for compensation unless we recover damages on your behalf, so contact us to see if you have a case and to get started right away.


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