What Are Your Legal Rights For Compensation Following A Truck Accident?

rights after truck accidentAccidents are sudden and happen without warning. The aftermath of a trucking accident can feel overwhelming and confusing. Most people drive their cars everyday on the roads, sharing space with several huge trucks. Besides a casual passing thought, nobody really thinks of the extensive damage that a 5 ton truck can inflict on your small car.

You begin to think about it after an occasion when you had a narrow escape from a truck accident. Your mind starts imagining the extensive damage your car would have suffered as well as injuries you might have sustained.

Semi-truck attorneys are responsible for dealing with trucking accident cases. The fact is that trucking accidents cannot be compared to car accidents. The imposing weight and size of a big truck renders it capable of inflicting damage and injuries that simply would not be same as a car accident. Truck accidents often result in fatalities or life-threatening injuries. The bulk and velocity involved create a powerful impact that results in serious damage and injuries.

Common causes for trucking accidents include driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Other reasons include driving at unsafe speeds and taking a wide turn while turning the truck. Many truck drivers also prevent smaller vehicles from merging with the lane. Other common causes include trucks that are too old or poorly maintained or trucks that are carrying loads above their limits. Badly maintained trucks could even be running on the road with faulty lights or inefficient brakes. Truck drivers often work with overburdened schedules that tax their strength and triggers negligent driving.

Sometimes, trucking accidents happen when a truck swerves and hits a pedestrian or motorcycle rider. These cases are even worse as the victims do not even have the protection that a car body provides. In such cases, the result is usually very serious injuries or death. Truck attorneys in Chicago are responsible for representing the rights of the victims involved in trucking accidents. If the victim has been deceased as a result of the accident, then the family will need to know their rights through a truck attorney.

You could need help in asking for compensation for personal injuries or seek representation for wrongful deaths. As of 2010, statistics indicated 20,000 individuals who had been injured and 529 who were dead due to truck accidents. An experienced truck attorney will represent your case after a thorough investigation of circumstances and evidence. A good truck attorney will be able to aggressively campaign your case and seek compensation for mental and physical trauma plus other issues such as wage loss. They use professional support of professionals like accident reconstruction experts to ascertain the cause of the accident.

The truck attorney you choose to hire should be completely committed to your particular case and should work towards pushing your case through the court. Trucking accidents can often cause irreparable damage. The effects can be devastating. With the right support from a competent attorney, you can get the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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